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We find joy in discovering beautiful brands and unique products, and we only ever choose artisans that we love
 and would use ourselves.

We know many of us are trying to make more conscious choices when we buy. Our makers share the same values as we do, whether they are eco-friendly, organic, plastic-free or give back to their community. Each of our suppliers has a few of the following values:

We know many of us are trying to make more conscious choices when we buy. Whether they are eco-friendly, organic, plastic-free or give back to their community, we made sure that each of our suppliers has a few of the following values:

eco-friendly gifts


Gives Back to Community

Social Contribution

Organic Gifts


Locally Owned Gifts

Locally Owned

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All our artisans have a story to tell and we love having the
opportunity to share these stories with you. 

Food & Beverages

Sonoma Creamery

Inspired by the vibrant agriculture of Wine Country, Sonoma Creamery® was founded in 1931 in Sonoma, California. 

They make healthy snacks that are craveable, and deliciously satisfying. 

They use simple, high quality ingredients, avoiding anything they can’t pronounce. And all of their products are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Why I Love Them

I remember visiting every time my family went to Sonoma as a kid. Their items are addicting!!

Sonoma Olive Oil

Most people know it as Wine Country. But to the craftsmen and women of Dry Creek Valley, it is Olive Country. The renewal and resurgence of olive production in Northern California is the focus of the Dry Creek Olive Company

Their belief in the region and commitment to a natural, authentic approach is the cornerstone of Dry Creek Olive Company.

Why I Love Them

Award winning organic olive oils and tasty vinegars!

They are rejuvenating their “heritage” orchards and carefully planting varieties to compliment them. The owners, ML and Tim are great people!


A gin botanicals tea, without the booze. Sipsong Spirits Gin tea is
a cup of cheer without the booze so everyone can “stay at the party.”

  • No sweeteners, preservative, or calories.
  • A product of Sonoma County, California. 
  • Packaged without plastic.
  • Cardboard tube reduces waste and carbon footprint.
  • Loose tea comes with chlorine-free paper tea bags.

Why I Love Them

Sonoma County resident, Mother of 3 and self-proclaimed “geek” about nutrition, tea infusion and liqueur making is at the helm of Sipsong Spirits.  

Volo Chocolate

Bean to bar chocolate handmade in Sonoma County.

Inspired by the flavors and soul of Mexican chocolate, husband and wife duo decided to start their own business making chocolate bars in their production studio in Windsor using local ingredients whenever possible. They also have the printing for Volo Chocolate done in Sonoma County.

Why I Love Them

Jeff and Susan Mall have perfected the art of making amazing chocolates.  They are very passionate about chocolate making, and their chocolate is FABULOUS!


Wolf Coffee

Family owned and operated in Sonoma County for over 30 years.

Wolf Coffee sustainably grow organic beans and hand roast them in small batches. They source their materials responsibly and are environmentally conscious. They are passionate about giving back to their community and it is one of their core values. 

Why I Love Them

They use organic coffee beans and roast them in small batches for fabulous flavor and aroma. They also happen to be cousins of The Store Next Door’s owner!

Mariani Nut Company was founded in 1972 by cousins Jack and Dennis Mariani northeast of San Francisco in the town of Winters. 

Their Orchards are all on micro irrigation systems or sub-surface drip systems with zero runoff.

They also utilize valuable byproducts to minimize waste. Almond hulls are used to feed livestock and the shells are used for livestock bedding. 

The nuts are gluten free naturally, kosher certified, and contain no additives or preservatives. 

Why I Love Them

Founded in 1972 by two cousins… one of them being my Uncle. They are a hard-working family and their flavors are super tasty!!!  I love the BBQ almonds

Society Bakery is run by Jeannette Messoria in Sebastopol, CA. 

After getting asked to constantly make cakes for birthdays and weddings, Jeannette and her Mom started making cakes officially as a business, and it branched out to all sorts of baked goods as well as award-winning homemade jams, and now during COVID, beautiful face masks.  

Why I Love Them

Their mixed berry jam is a firm favorite in our house! 

The Clif Family Farm is a hidden gem located on the backside of Howell Mountain in the Napa Valley.

The farm is both CCOF certified organic and Food Alliance Certified and is bustling with bees, heritage breed chickens, orchards filled with stone fruit and citrus, abundant vegetable gardens and a seed saving shed to promote plant diversity and sustainability.

Each year their employees contribute almost 700 hours of community service on paid company time and they donate approx. $15,000 to 12 local non-profit partners each year.

Why I Love Them

Their items are perfect for snacking, entertaining, sharing or gifting!  Yummy!

Rustic Joyful Food

The Rustic Joyful Food books showcase food star Danielle Kartes’s uniquely homey and delicious recipes, contains heartfelt stories from the former restaurateur, and reinforces the message that life, regardless of the challenges, is good right now, no matter what. 

She has been on Rachel Ray, Good Morning America and in many magazines and publications.  She is an amazing woman and her recipes are beautiful, yet simple with a focus on hearth, home, family, and connecting with the people you love.

Why I Love Them

Danielle is amazing and has quite the story.  She and her husband fell on very hard times a few years ago and she lost her restaurant and home, but out of it came her strong determination to live every day to its fullest.  “Life is good right now… no matter what” is her message.

Soberdough Brew Bread

Home baked bread made simple. Just add beer. No baking skills required. They’ve received accolades from Real Simple, Rachel Ray, Good Housekeeping, Wall Street Journal…to name a few!

Soberdough has transformed from what was once a business endeavor between mom and son into a family run company. They still handcraft each of their bread mixes in small batches using all natural ingredients. 

They do not use any dairy, egg or nut products in their mixes.  

Why I Love Them

This is the PERFECT “guy gift” when you don’t know what to buy.  A gift of their favorite beer and a few bags of assorted Soberdough mix and you have it!  Although a great guy gift, they are really loved by everyone.  Oh the aroma and flavor!


Save time and money. CapaBunga® invents tools that safely transport, serve and store your food and wine, making shopping, dining and entertaining stress free.

CapaBunga is run by husband and wife team, Walt and Máire who live in Northern California’s wine country.

Why I Love Them

A fun add-on to any gift.  Here in wine country we always need a way to store our leftover wine or champagne! They also make great local totes, wine bags and more for gifting someone out of town or a local that loves our beautiful area. 


Founded by native Californian, Scott Tavenner, Savino is an easy-to-use wine preservation system that keeps your wine fresh for up to a week so you can enjoy Tuesday’s wine on Saturday.

Unlike other wine preservation solutions on the market, Savino does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine. Instead, it creates a new, beautiful environment designed to preserve and serve wine.

Savino is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials.

Why I Love Them

 Award winning genius idea.  The fact that they made their wine preservers and martini shakers for both home as well as for the pool/boat makes them perfect for any wine or cocktail lover!

Guayki Yerba Mate

Yerba mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, all in a single drink.

Yerba mate comes from the naturally caffeinated leaves of a native species of holly tree, Ilex Paraguariensis, found deep in the South American Atlantic rainforest.

Yerba mate leaves are hand harvested from small farms and indigenous communities in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. 

Why I Love Them

A locally made pick me up that tastes amazing!

La Colombe

Try La Colombe Cold Brew for a refreshing iced coffee to take anywhere. 

This is a company that stands up for what it believes in! Whether it be hosting neighborhood events, lending their voice to support local causes, or providing momentary relief through coffee donations, they strive to further the shared values of our community. 

Through sustainable packaging, environmentally-friendly practices, and support of the National Parks, La Colombe aims to create a better world by eliminating waste and preserving our environment.

Why I Love Them

“The Dove”… the best draft latte’s and chilled coffee you will ever taste!

Sonoma Sauces

Sonoma Sauces is family owned and operated in Sonoma County CA. They strive to use local quality ingredients.  All their products are made in Petaluma, California from a farm to table co-packer.   

Why I Love Them

Award winning, local, family owned, amazing over ice cream!

McGregor's Nut House

McGregor’s Nut House is run by mother and Sonoma County local, Lacey and she is a whizz in the kitchen! 

Why I Love Them

Yummy products for gifting or snacking.  LOVE the rosemary cashews… buttery and tasty!


Based in Healdsburg, Tienda Salsita is run by Catalina, who creates delicious salsa based on traditional recipes from Mexico.

The salsa is stone ground with volcanic hand-carved stones from Mexico in small batches. They hand toast dried chiles and use locally grown produce from small farms across Sonoma County using sustainable agricultural practices. 

Why I Love Them

Like no salsa I have ever had… hand ground and so tasty.  Not just for chips!


LakeBound Candle Vo

Lakebound Candles are hand poured in small batches with simple ingredients: American grown soy wax, phthalate-free premium fragrance and essential oil blends and cotton wicks. 

They use soy wax because it is clean burning, Eco-friendly and has a longer burn time than paraffin wax. They purchase everything for their candles right here in the USA. 

Why I Love Them

Such popular candles!!!  Locally made yummy smelling candles and diffusers.

Olive And Poppy

Olive and Poppy‘s gift and accessory line is for the stylish wine lover, whether you are raising a glass with friends or toasting to someone far away.

Founded in 2014, by Nicole Hughes and Anne Siegel, they believe that living in wine country is a state of mind, and the simple act of saying ‘cheers’ can bring you closer together. Many of their pieces use materials that are locally sourced in wine country and then reimagined into thoughtfully crafted items.

Why I Love Them

Wine barrel and wine lover products that are SO chic and made in Napa. Their praises have been sung in Forbes, the Wine Enthusiast, Martha Stewart Living, and on Rachel Ray and The Today Show just to name a few. Adore their wine barrel bracelets in every color!

Primitives By Kathy

Primitives by Kathy creates décor and gifts that are memorable and one-of-a-kind. It is ranked as one of the top 25 fastest-growing women owned businesses in the world.

Giving is part of the corporate strategy at Primitives by Kathy. They have donated tens of thousands of dollars to various charities, founded an employee run non-profit that provides social opportunities to those with disabilities. In addition to charitable partnerships, Kathy is an active participant in mentor programs for young women.

Why I Love Them

 These will make you laugh out loud!  You will find one for everyone you know.

Carmel Cermaic

Carmel Ceramica was founded in 2014 when Elece Leverone decided to merge her two passions, business and product design, into a new gift and tabletop venture.

The Carmel Ceramica product line brings a casual elegance to your home inspired by the lifestyle and natural beauty that surrounds Carmel.  Collections focus on gift, tabletop and home décor. 

Why I Love Them

Gorgeous handmade pottery pieces for decoration, olive oil dipping, or anything that strikes your fancy.


Bamboo kitchenware that’s safe for the dishwasher.

They combine beauty and function with sustainability by using excess raw materials of fast-growing, eco-friendly bamboo that can be harvested frequently without damaging the soil or landscape. 

Why I Love Them

Bamboo products that are eco-friendly and useful.  LOVE the kids products and the countertop composter is very chic while saving our planet!


Sobresmesa by greenheart

A handmade lifestyle brand, Sobremesa by Greenheart supports fair trade, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumerism. 

They celebrate the traditional methods used to create their goods, and every item has a story, whether it’s about the revival of a glass-blowing factory in Guatemala or a weaving cooperative whose name is inspired by the rhythm of traditional foot looms. Each product is designed to empower the artisans and strengthen their community.

Why I Love Them

Eco-friendly and handmade ceramic items, wooden bowls, and other kitchen items. Unique and beautiful gifts!

Honey Brush Design

These towels are not only gorgeously printed with original watercolor paintings, they are also super absorbent!

They are completely made in the US and printed with water based inks that are CPISA compliant, reducing environmental waste. 

Honey Brush Design also makes gorgeous handmade paper prints, aprons, tote bags and pillow covers. 

Why I Love Them

Soft and useful… such amazing kitchen tea towels!  Her designs are so pretty.

Forever Green Art

Forever Green Art is a woman owned small business. 

Their handmade, small batch produced soy candles and wooden bowls are made from raw wood and are gorgeously rustic. Their hand-carved wooden heart bowls are a favorite! 

Why I Love Them

 Also, the small bread bowl with a candle is a double bonus as once the candle burns down, you have a wooden bowl to use for jewelry, keys, snacks, whatever.

Made Market Co

Be Made, Inc. is run by a creative and imaginative mother daughter duo.

Each bottle of matches is handcrafted with the upmost care and attention to detail by their family.

Why I Love Them

 Fun, colored matches to go with candles for gift giving… what???

Kiss Me In The Garden.

Husband and Wife duo, Karen and Jonathon started their business in their first year of marriage in 1992. Inspired by a trip to France in which they became captivated by the scent of lavender, they started the Kiss Me In The Garden bath and body collection.

All their products are made fresh daily in small batches at their own factory in Northbridge, California. 

The products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, earth friendly and not tested on animals.

Why I Love Them

. These handmade, eco-friendly lotions, soaps and other lovely items are great gifts.  I’m partial to the “Words of Wisdom” shea butter balms… can’t pick a favorite scent as they are all fabulous!


Founded in 2016, Homesick makes organic and handmade candles. 

Homesick candles are hand-poured in the US using a natural soy wax blend with 100% organic cotton wicks and custom fragrance oils to deliver a long-lasting, great-smelling burn.

The candles are cruelty-free, non-toxic and contain no lead, plastics, paraben, phthalates or synthetic dyes.

Why I Love Them

They have names and scents that bring us back to places that mean something to us. Lovely scents and sentiments.

Melanie Mark Creations

Handmade by Sonoma County Local, Melanie Mark. We love these knitted Santa, Snowman, and Elf Holiday Tree Ornaments. 

Why I Love Them

Love these knitted gnome Holiday bauble decorations.

Paris' Pillows

Paris started “Paris’ Pet Pillows” as a fun way to raise money for the Sonoma County Humane Society in 7th Grade.  

She created handmade pet pillows that she would customize with client’s pet names on them. They were an instant hit! 

She has now she has morphed her “Paris’ Pet Pillows” business to simply “Paris’ Pillows” focusing on creating multiple every day, and holiday, designs on cute door hanging pillows.  Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through every design!

Why I Love Them

The cutest hand-sewn door pillows EVER!  The perfect gift for anyone.

Liberty Osti Art

Liberty Osti, is a Californian resident and has a strong passion for Beach Cities across the State.

She creates art from window frames from old homes across the California Coast.  Some of the windows are over 100 years old, look closely for bubbles and waves in the glass. 

Why I Love Them

Her artwork instantly takes you to the beach.


With Love Darling

With Love Darling is founded on the philosophy that a piece of jewelry can speak a thousand words.

The Global Goals were created by the United Nations with the hope of bettering the world by 2030 and include aims to end poverty, hunger, climate change, and inequality, while fighting for human rights and sustainability.

With Love Darling interpreted the 17 Global Goals by way of a dedicated collection. Each charm represents one of the goals.

The Global Goals pieces are sustainably produced at workshops in developing countries, creating income and opportunity for those most vulnerable and help the Global Goals become a reality. 

Why I Love Them

Jewelry that tells a story and shows support for the 17 Global Goals put out by the United Nations.  Wearable, stylish and meaningful!


Melinda is your new badass, artistic, funny, celebrity jewelry designer friend in LA. 

Her pieces have been featured on Oprah’s favorite things, coveted by the Kardashians and Jenners, and worn by J. Lo, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez and many more! 

Through it all, Melinda’s passion is to support women and causes by partnering with inspiring charities to make a loving impact in people’s lives, including Beauty Bus, Chrysalis, A Sense of Home, The Name Campaign, and many others. Empowered women, empower other women, and Melinda is grateful to be able to use the company to give back.

Why I Love Them

Hot, on-trend, fun, affordable, and worn by the stars. These pieces run from classic to edgy and will make any outfit!

Manjusha Jewelry

Manjusha is a treasure chest of unique fusion semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

“Joey” Singh first started designing jewelry for herself, to fulfill a craving for jewelry unlike any other on the market. After a manufacturer asked her if she was designing with the intention to set up a small business, the seed was planted – and she felt excited by the idea of creating extraordinary jewelry for all women to wear. Thus, Manjusha was born.

Why I Love Them

Inspired by the stunning jewelry of her Grandfather, who was the Maharaja of Patiala, Joey makes beautiful, fun to wear and affordable jewelry.  We love it!

Bath & Body

Wine Country Botanicals

While searching for effective, natural remedies for her family, Nicole discovered essential oils. This led to her studying the restorative properties of plants, and working directly with farmers and distillers to understand the biology behind it all.

 The result was Wine Country Botanicals, a collection of natural, luxurious body care products to elevate your everyday.

Why I Love Them

Beautifully made, luxurious products.  Hard to decide between the 3 scents… Sonoma, Napa and Santa Barbara…The sugar scrub is a MUST!

Kays Bath

Kay’s Bath is a small family owned and operated business. 

All of their products are handmade from the finest ingredients and are made right here in the USA. You can rest assured that all their products are safe, reliable, and help support their communities.

Why I Love Them

Beautiful bath bombs, the colors and scents are fun and exciting!

Blue Rose

Blue Rose is a woman led company based in Petaluma. The name Blue Rose comes from her history of law enforcement (thin blue line) and after her grandmother, Rose.

Why I Love Them

Hand sanitizer is everywhere, but hers smells amazing!  Love her room sprays, too…makes you instantly feel at ease.


The Brushies

Brushies is the brainchild of two moms – a family dentist and a psychologist – who knew there was a better way to make healthy habits fun for parents and their kids. Using a design that was friendly enough for tiny mouths and big imaginations, the Brushies make for an excellent introduction to dental care.

Why I Love Them

 I wish this was around when my kiddos were little. Adorable book and starter character toothbrush!

Little Twig All Natural

Little Twig offers Safe & Natural Personal Care, Cleaning & Laundry products for your baby or family.

Raising a family is hard. Picking a product that doesn’t harm them shouldn’t be.

No Chemicals. Natural Ingredients. No synthetics. Natural Fragrances. Formulated For Your Family. 

Why I Love Them

Organic, sweet little one scents for bath time.  I wish I still had babies for these products!

Kids Cook Book
Family time in the kitchen is special. Celebrate all the joyful moments in the kitchen with your little chef with these adorable keepsake cookbooks!

Why I Love Them

Cooking with your kids?  The best!


RL Slimes

RL Slimes is the brainchild of local Teen slime entrepreneur, Ricky Waite with 204k…yes 204,000 followers on Instagram! He is from Santa Rosa and we exclusively carry his slimes in the area.

Why I Love Them

The slime is SO fun and they all smell really good!

California Welcome Center

California and local themed gifts from the California Welcome Center that is closed due to COVID.

Why I Love Them

Your first stop for local gifts for anyone all about California or our beautofuil area. 

We’re always looking for exciting new products to expand our range – if you would like to work with us, please get in touch at ame@thestorenextdoorsr.com